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The organization of a wedding can be a nightmare or a pleasure. Which option do you choose?

What can we organize for you?

  • We will prepare a wedding budget for you and take care of punctuality in its implementation
  • We’ll help you find your dream place for your wedding
  • We’ll negotiate prices and make take care of the contracts
  • We will coordinate preparations, marriage, and wedding
  • We will help with arranging the place, we will find a florist that will meet your expectations.
  • We will develop a theme and a unique concept of decoration
  • We will organize a chill-out zone and wedding attractions, as well as animations for children.
  • We will help you find and organize accommodation for your guests
  • We will find a band or a DJ who will meet your expectations
  • We will help you choose a creative photographer and filmmaker
  • We coordinate the cooperation with service providers

There is no doubt that the wedding is the most important and lavish event in the life of engaged. No wonder that the vast majority of couples are strongly committed to the organization of this event. However, a perfectly drafted scenario can easily fall apart when it suddenly turns out that there are problems with booking a dream room, the recommended band has no free time and the choice of flowers and decorations on the table is so huge that it requires many hours of tiring analysis.

There is no shortage of couples who prefer to spare themselves the trouble and commission a professional event agency to organize the wedding. StarStone team has dozens of such orders in their account. Now we will be happy to plan your wedding!

Why is it beneficial to commission the organization of a wedding to experts?

The main benefit for the bride and groom, and especially for the bride-to-be, is saving the time. On average, to plan a wedding and get everything ready you have to spend at least half a year. Reserving a wedding hall, arrangements with service providers, tasting and selection of menus, drinks, cake. Choosing wedding dress and accessories, creating a guest list – there is plenty of it, and each of these activities requires full commitment. Not everyone can afford it, for professional or family reasons at least.

Getting professional help with a wedding organization is common sense. Thanks to this, the brides and grooms guarantee that the celebration will be planned exactly according to their ideas. It is the organizers who have to find ways to fulfill the wishes of the clients. It gives a great deal of mental comfort. The bride and groom know that all the details of their wedding are handled by experienced specialists. There is, therefore, no question of accidents that could ruin the most beautiful day of the couple’s life.

You can afford the peace of mind.

Many couples are considering hiring an event agency to organize a wedding, but they quickly give up this idea for fear of a very high price. Yes, such a service costs money, but it is worth looking at the whole thing from a slightly different angle.

Currently, it is assumed that the average cost of organizing a wedding for about 100 people ranges from 40 to 80 thousand zlotys. That’s a lot of money. When investing such an amount it is good to know that not a single zloty will be wasted on something that will not work. Experienced organizers can advise clients on the best solutions, and point out those that may be fashionable, but will not necessarily fit this particular wedding.

Also, a professional event agency has very wide professional contacts and experience in negotiating the prices of hall rental, hotels or catering services. Thus, it is very likely that the total cost of the wedding, even if the agency’s remuneration is taken into account, will be lower than if all of the parties were taken care of by inexperienced couples on their own.

The use of an event agency to organize a wedding has another crucial advantage: there is no risk of uncontrolled budget overruns. If you have a specific amount of money and can’t afford to reach deeper into your pocket, this solution will be just the best for you. It is the agency that has to meet the wishes of customers within the budget but do so without experimenting with the quality of individual services and products.

Don’t assume in advance that you can’t afford a professional wedding organization. Consider all the costs, including the non-financial ones – your own time, nerves, sleepless nights, quarrels with service providers and so on. The starStone team guarantees you a complete absence of such problems, and above all the planning and implementation of the wedding exactly as you imagine. Contact us – we will prepare a non-binding offer, which will certainly be attractive to you.