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Promotional events, an attractive and engaging form of presenting the offer

Running a business is an extremely difficult task today. In virtually every industry there is a lot of competition, customers are selective and have unlimited access to offers that can be compared without getting up from the couch. A big challenge for every entrepreneur is to distinguish his or her product/service and awaken the need to purchase in the target group. When traditional forms of advertising are no longer effective, it is worth reaching for the so-called “sure thing”. We mean promotional events, in which the organization specializes event agency starStone.

Promotional events: not only for the biggest players

There is a widespread belief that only large brands with substantial marketing budgets can afford to organize this type of event. That’s not true. In starStone, we cooperate daily with companies from the SME sector that understand the need to use non-standard methods of promoting the offer. Promotional Events are suited for that.

Such an event usually accompanies the launch of a new brand, product or service. Thanks to the appropriate promotion of the event and the invitation of influential guests (top business representatives, local authorities, stars), the interest in the subject of the promotion immediately increases. A necessary element is also sending appropriate messages to the media, thanks to that the brand immediately gains a strong argument in the process of raising its awareness among potential recipients.

A promotional event does not have to be a glamorous event at all, although of course such events gain the greatest publicity and bring the best results. Even though we might be limited by the budget, there is no need to give it up. Promotion can be much more modest and e.g. be carried out on the occasion of another event or with the support of a larger partner – the philosophy of cross-marketing is perfect here.

For example, if company X introduces a new adhesive to the market, but cannot afford a separate promotional event, it is worth using the help of e.g. a chain of stores distributing the product. Such cooperation will benefit both parties – provided that the promotion is organized professionally and attractively for the target group.

The event that builds loyalty between the brand and the customer.

A great promotional event allows not only to present a new offer but also to increase the customer’s desire to own it. It is the product/service that must be the star of the evening. To emphasize the importance of the event, we use various methods of making the event more attractive. The invitation of a star who plays the role of the announcer will work perfectly here. A known name always attracts guests, even if they are not interested in the company’s offer or do not associate its brand.

Let us put ourselves in the role of the people who take part in such an event. They had fun, had the opportunity to see someone live, whom they had only seen on TV before, ate something delicious, refreshed their social contacts. This is a measurable benefit for them, which gives rise to the feeling of gratitude. Thus, the host of the event can count on the loyalty of his or her guests, who will surely remember the positive feelings while making a purchasing decision. The key to all of this is that the object being promoted becomes an object of desire – even if in reality it is something quite ordinary. A good example will be the new car model. Presenting it during a promotional event we want to achieve the effect of inducing irresistible temptation to buy this car.

StarStone event agency specializes in planning and coordinating promotional events for companies from any industry. We take on our shoulders all the elements related to the preparation of the event. We work based on a detailed scenario, which will, of course, be consulted with you.

We reach for both proven solutions and creative ideas so that your event will not have only a standard character. Contact us and ask for details. Do it before your competition!