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Opening event: how to get a WOW effect?

The opening of a new facility, especially one that is meaningful for the local community, is always a very important event that requires an adequate setting. Such an object may be, for example, a new warehouse or production line, which will employ several hundred people. Thus, the development of the company has a direct impact on the life of the inhabitants, that should be underlined. The opening of the facility must be accompanied by a special event, which will emphasize the importance of this event. StarStone Event Agency will take care of all the details related to this kind of event, ensuring that the completion of your investment will be widely publicized in a given locality or industry.

The opening of the facility is the starting point for the promotion of the company’s image.

Opening of facilities is one of the most frequently organized business events – it is not a coincidence that the term “Opening Event” is already used in our industry. Such events require an appropriate setting because the opening of an investment is just a pretext to strengthen or promote the company’s brand.

We invite the most important guests – local authorities, business representatives, current and future contractors, employees and often the media and celebrities who empower the event with their presence (athletes, music stars, etc.). Much depends on the budget of the event, of course, but even if the funds are very limited, it is important to ensure that the event has a prestigious rank.

The opening of the facility itself usually takes a while. But whatever precedes and follows it is worth using with the maximum effectiveness. The event must be planned in such a way that at every step there is some space for presenting the company’s offer and strengthening contact with business partners.

If we make a great impression on our guests, we will gain a multitude of brand ambassadors who will increase our recognition among their friends. It proves that a company event can be the first stage of creating an extensive network of contacts, which will certainly bring tangible benefits to the company.

Basic elements of a well-organized Opening Event

We have mentioned that it is worth inviting influential guests to the opening of the facility. Their presence is very important for several reasons:

  • They raise the rank of events with their social or business position;
  • They always attract media attention (free advertising for the host);
  • Important guests can take part in the act of symbolic ribbon-cutting, thanks to which they gain a more personal attitude towards the investment and its owner, which may result in tightening priceless relations;

The opening event starts long before the official commissioning of the investment. First of all, it is worthwhile to interest local or national media in this subject. For this purpose, a press conference can be organized – if the opening of the facility is associated with some benefits for the local community (e.g. reducing unemployment), then the appearance reporters is practically certain. What’s more media coverage of the event guarantees a rapid increase in the recognition of the company’s brand, which is a significant value.

The opening event should also be used for a detailed presentation of the company’s offer. Elegant printed materials (folders, catalogs) handed to guests by hostesses are perfect here – don’t forget about practical and impressive advertising gadgets!

Another element should be to outline the history of the company, as well as the stages of the creation of the presented facility. A promotional film that can be shown just before the ribbon is cut and which is “looped” on monitors located on the premises of the investment is a great choice.

When organizing the opening event it is necessary to take into account how many people will take part in the event (is it going to be a mass event, or maybe each guest will be invited individually?) and where the unofficial part will take place (which not always suitable for the interior of the new facility).

Those questions are worth leaving for a professional event agency. Team starStone is at your disposal. Contact us, provide us with details about your event, and we will propose a preliminary price.

Remember that there are two sides of the ring: a well-organized Opening Event will allow your company to gain momentum, but if something goes wrong, the image of the company will certainly suffer.