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Fairs and conferences: basic tools for business promotion

Although the Internet is quickly becoming the main channel of sales and contacts with customers, in many industries the basis for public relations are still personal meetings with contractors and direct presentation of the offer. This is evidenced by the fact that for several years we have been observing a revival of trade fairs and business conferences. The starStone event agency has extensive experience in organizing such events. We will use it for your event, which will guarantee interest on the part of participants, media, and guests.

A fair is an event with a big E

The organization of a fair is a powerful undertaking, as everyone who has ever participated in its preparation already realized. With no doubt, this is one of the most difficult events to prepare. The main problem is to coordinate all the elements of the event in one place at the same time. No wonder the preparation of the largest fair can take a few months.

This effort, however, pays off. Well organized trade fairs are praised by their participants, which translates into a good turnout next year. The event itself can also become a showcase of the place, and this gives hope of e.g. obtaining a grant. Above all, however, it benefits the host, on whom all the splendor flows. If the exhibitors and visitors are satisfied, they will certainly tell their friends about it and this will naturally contribute to the development of the event (and increase income).

Contrary to popular opinion, the quality of trade fairs is affected not only by the location of their organization. It is, of course, important, but the exhibitors also pay attention to other key elements, including:

  • Promotion of the event
  • Presentation of products/services at the stand
  • Catering and social facilities
  • Media access (stable Internet, reliable power supply)
  • Marking of the event area so that visitors do not get lost or miss the stands

The trade fair organizer is responsible for everything, of course. In the case of such a large event, you cannot afford to experiment, because it almost certainly will end in a disaster. Don’t risk and don’t put yourself under unnecessary stress – take advantage of the help of starStone event agency.

When and for what purpose is a business conference organized?

The conference is one of the most challenging events for the organizer. It combines commercial elements with substantive content, so its subject matter should be of interest to the widest possible audience. Usually, these are the people in the target group of the event host, its employees, contractors, and potential business partners. There is no doubt that you just have to make a good impression on such listenership.

A business conference is organized for a variety of purposes. Let’s list the most common ones:

  • The desire to strengthen the image of the company as an industry expert;
  • Broadening the knowledge of the employees and giving them a new corporate strategy;
  • Boasting excellent results to contractors, which encourages closer cooperation;
  • Promotion of the brand by arousing media interest;

The conference may also be an internal summary of the quarter or year in the company or capital group. Such a formula works in favor of the company because it proves that the company is in good condition for its employees or shareholders.

However, the conference does not have to be strictly commercial. A company may decide to organize it to gather representatives of its competitors and as many potential customers as possible in one place, tempted by valuable lectures prepared by well-known speakers. This also has a very positive impact on the company’s image.

Organizing a business conference is a huge challenge, which is worth entrusting to specialists. StarStone Event Agency has many years of experience in preparing such events for companies, universities, non-governmental organizations, and local governments. We offer comprehensive activities such as gathering professional speakers, choosing the right place, sending out invitations and promoting the event in the media.

If you are planning to hold a fair or conference, you certainly know at this stage how big of a challenge it is. Get the help of experts. The starStone team is at your disposal.

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