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Corporate and socializing events: a way to strengthen relations with employees and contractors

The basic task of an entrepreneur is to successively develop his or her business. This can be done in many ways, but each of them comes down to the same thing: without motivated, dedicated employees there can be no spectacular success in any industry. How to build such a team without worrying about the fact that the competition might buy its best members? The answer is to successively strengthen relations with employees. Corporate and socializing events are ideal for this purpose. StarStone agency will organize such an event for your company. This is one of the best investments you can afford right now.

Corporate event: an element of building a credible business image

In Poland, we have about 3 million enterprises, of which over 90% are sole proprietorships in the SME sector. Every industry is already very crowded, which makes it more and more difficult for companies to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of both customers and potential employees.

Every reasonable entrepreneur is aware of the need to invest in marketing activities in a broad sense. However, advertising alone is not enough. The basis is to build a recognizable, attractive and reliable brand, around which customers will concentrate. An inseparable element of this strategy is the organization of corporate events.

A company or corporate event can be practically any event that is intended to strengthen the company’s image. Among the most popular events are:

  • Jubilees
  • Gala
  • Banquets
  • Summations
  • Christmas Parties

Firstly each of these events gives a great opportunity to gain the favor of potential customers, secondly to take care of the morale of the team and show employees that they have made an excellent decision by linking their professional life with this company.

A company event is always organized for a determined reason. This can be increasing brand or product awareness, but also strengthening relations with team members and motivating them to work even better. Famous socializing events are ideal here.

Socializing event: no more stereotypes!

“Integration party” – these two words evoke clear associations in us. There is no denying that this type of corporate event is shrouded in bad fame. This is the result of making the same organizational mistakes over and over. For many years, most entrepreneurs have been assuming that the integration of the team requires only alcohol, possibly lively music, and comfortable hotel rooms. In modern management, there is no room for such stereotypical thinking.

Socializing events do not have to follow the scheme of “night talks between Poles”. More and more, games that are used encourage team members to cooperate. Thanks to this, all employees can get to know their good and bad sides. This, in turn, lets the manager know how to use the potential of the staff more effectively. Modern socializing events aim to combine spending time pleasantly with education and actual tightening of professional relations.

A well-organized socializing event strengthens ties in the team, improves the morale of employees and, above all, motivates them to work harder. The aim of such an event should, therefore, be to show employees that they are the key elements of the company. The staff who feel appreciated are more strongly connected with the company and less often consider changing their place of employment. At starStone we know exactly how to organize such a company event, adjusting its scenario to the specificity of the team and the goal outlined by the client.

StarStone Event Agency comprehensively organizes corporate and socializing events: we advise in choosing the best place, provide attractions, training elements, scenography, sound system, as well as the whole broadly understood backstage of the event (including catering). We are based on a detailed scenario of the event, which will be created after a thorough understanding of your needs.

Contact us and tell us about the goal you want to achieve with your corporate or socializing event. We will present you with a preliminary concept and a favorable price offer.