Banquets and jubilees: events that are not just for fun

An important event requires an appropriate setting. It does not matter whether we are talking about a business or a private sphere – some occasions simply need to be celebrated with grandeur and class. StarStone event agency specializes in planning and organizing banquets and anniversaries for business, local governments, religious associations, NGOs and private individuals. We use our creativity and experience to guarantee our guests a great time and help the client to achieve the goal of the event.

Banquet, dignified socializing event

The tradition of banquet organization is not yet firmly rooted in our country. That’s why not everyone knows what this kind of event is. The banquet is supposed to be a more lavish form of a domestic feast. It is not as official as the gala, but it requires certain conventions in terms of guests’ clothes and the decoration of the banquet hall. As a rule, it has an elegant character, although it allows participants to talk freely in smaller groups.

In “textbooks” we distinguish three kinds of banquets: Plated, English, and American (mixed). The most formal are the first ones, which we organize for guests with high social positions (politicians, aristocracy, intelligentsia, presidents of leading companies). However, due to their versatility, the most popular banquets today are English or mixed, where guests have more freedom. This, in turn, fosters integration, but at the same time retains the refined character of the meeting.

A banquet is a very interesting idea for a familiarization event. It is worthwhile to organize it in a situation where:

  • The company launches a new brand on the market;
  • There is a change of government on any level
  • We want to introduce ourselves to the participants of an important business project;
  • We intend to announce important information (e.g. engagement, moving out, setting up a business, etc.);

Due to its elegant formula, the banquet is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the host’s image, which will certainly have an impact on his or her relations with guests, especially professionally.

Although at first glance it may seem that the organization of a banquet is not particularly complicated, we know from experience that it is quite a troublesome event. First of all, because it requires perfect planning. Banquets do not last long (a few hours), so you should take care of minute details that will bring the positive feelings in guests and confirm their belief that they took part in something really important.

Jubilee: there are occasions worth celebrating in a larger group

Round birthdays, wedding anniversaries or business start-ups – these are just a few examples of opportunities that are ideal for organizing a jubilee. It is an event summing up and celebrating the most important events in private and professional life.

The jubilee can take many different forms: from a “tied” event, very official, combined with a gala or banquet, to a typical, quite casual party until dawn. The choice, of course, depends on who will be invited to the event.

In the case of family anniversaries, we usually opt for a looser event. It will be similar in a situation where an entrepreneur organizes a business jubilee to provide entertainment to employees and closest business partners. However, if the purpose of the jubilee is also to strengthen the brand image, and the event will be attended by VIPs, then we must take care of a more distinguished setting (which does not mean that you have to give up the typical entertainment part).

At starStone, we know and understand the differences between banquets, jubilees, and other events. Thanks to this, we can choose the right type of event for the purpose that our client intends to achieve. We are a full-service agency, so we take over the responsibilities of the organizer at every level: from the creation of a detailed scenario of the event to its summary. What’s left for you is fun with satisfied guests.

You are invited to contact us directly – present your expectations, and we will prepare a preliminary concept of the event with an exemplary valuation.